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Equities Surge As Gold Dives


The golden child, gold, has been sliding since this week’s beginning. Stocks are surging and investors are catching the shooting star, leaving gold en mass. This is especially true in the U.S. where the S&P 500 hit its historic high Monday.

A Guide To Securing Investments In The Case Of ‘Brexit’


The Brexit referendum is slowly looming and this is causing a great deal of concern among all individuals, particularly investors. To ensure their investments are relatively secure should the Brexit vote result in Britain leaving the EU; investors are considering a development of secure investment portfolios. Initial reverberations in currency markets and key indexes will be inevitability if Brexit occurs with FTSE 250 and local businesses being most affected. Government bonds within the UK could also be influenced by a mass loss of international investors, which may cripple the currency markets. Yet, it may be possible to reverse these consequences and, if Britain opts to remain in the EU, it is possible that the Sterling will increase in value.

Decreasing Oil Prices Threaten U.S. Economy

Decreasing Oil Prices Threaten U.S. Economy

Isn’t it wonderful to pay so little as you fill up your tank at a gas station?It has been a while since going through your utility bill would make your blood boil, hasn’t it? Well, while you may benefit from cheap oil, many others in the U.S. aren’t happy with that.

The economy in states that produce oil such as North Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Wyoming and Alaska have been hit by the plummeting crude price. Bill Walker, Alaska’s Governor, has recently recommended a state income tax (they didn’t have one in 35 years) as a way of compensating from the drop in tax revenue related to oil. Since November 2015, Texas’ gas and oil production tax revenue plunged respectively 51 and 47 percent. In North Dakota, oil-related tax revenue fell by 43 percent last year.