Decreasing Oil Prices Threaten U.S. Economy

Decreasing Oil Prices Threaten U.S. Economy

Isn’t it wonderful to pay so little as you fill up your tank at a gas station?It has been a while since going through your utility bill would make your blood boil, hasn’t it? Well, while you may benefit from cheap oil, many others in the U.S. aren’t happy with that.

The economy in states that produce oil such as North Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Wyoming and Alaska have been hit by the plummeting crude price. Bill Walker, Alaska’s Governor, has recently recommended a state income tax (they didn’t have one in 35 years) as a way of compensating from the drop in tax revenue related to oil. Since November 2015, Texas’ gas and oil production tax revenue plunged respectively 51 and 47 percent. In North Dakota, oil-related tax revenue fell by 43 percent last year.

With Interest Rates This Low – Is It Time To Trade?

With Interest Rates This Low - Is It Time To Trade

China is sitting on top of the glut of all gluts.  The enormous quantities of industrial capacity that has been built to propel the rapid development of China’s economy has become increasingly idle as the country faces slowdown as well as the transition over to services. 

Why China’s Loan Spike Matters

China shares on loan

China has long been known for its cost-effective mass-production of goods for the rest of the world. Meanwhile, its culture, in general is one of saving. It raises eyebrows that following the fallout of the Hang Sen market crash in 2015, that now lending in China has spiked.

It has far-reaching ripples that rattle investors even more. The concern is that the country’s money, a source of stability to any nation, is teetering on collapse.

The number one rule of politics, economics, the markets, or anything in life, is not to pander to any fear mongering. Instead, it is wise and important to put the lending situation in China  into perspective.

The Most Important Aspect For Futures Trading

Futures Trading

When it comes to successful trading, do traders know what the most important aspect of it is?  Is it identifying a good trading opportunity?  Does it involve having the right entry into the market?  Or is it having the right trading tools?  Is the most important aspect for futures trading having a good exit strategy?  The answer is, of course, none of the above (however, having a good exit strategy is close).

When it comes to successful futures trading, the most important factor is money management.  You still need to be savvy with fundamental analysis or chart forecasting, but what truly makes or breaks a futures trader is money management.  Pinpoint money managing is required to handle the huge amount of leverage that comes with trading futures.  

Perfect Coal For Metal Industry


A lot of people do not know, but coal comes in a lot of different forms. This is because coal has a lot of functions. Before purchasing coal it is vital to think about what use you will be getting out of it and working from there. Not all coal types will work for everything. They all have a function and are perfectly fitted for those functions only most of the time. This may require a little bit research on your end, but it will be well worth your time and is worth investing in rather than purchasing the wrong coal and having no use out of it.

Fundamental analysis on Forex market

Fundamental analysis on Forex market

Most of traders approach to financial market based on technical or fundamental analysis. Main for them to use only one method is key premise for all investors “Simplicity”. If you adopt booth methods, it is easily to get lost, in forest of indicators which commonly telling you opposite.

In this article I will try to explain on which indicators fundamental analysts set focus and how they use them, without comparing to technical methods because I think that every investor has to decide which method is best for him.

Tips For Entrepreneurs Steps To Success

Three things every entrepreneur should know!

A lot of people are beginning to become interested in pursuing entrepreneurial ventures. However, some have a misconception as to the amount of work and the kind of steps that one must put in to achieve success. In this article, we will be going over some of the top tips for entrepreneurs steps to success.

Tips For Entrepreneurs: 

1. Treat It Like A Job.

The one advantage that people with jobs have is that they can have a lot of structure in their lives. While this maybe limiting to their personal lives, this is actually effective for their work life.

The Guide To Crowdfunding And How It Works

It was not that long ago that aspiring entrepreneurs had to ask a few people to give or loan them large amounts of money so they could finance a business. However, with the inception of crowdfunding, this outdated way of raising capital is quickly being replaced with platforms that allow entrepreneurs to speak with hundreds of investors at once. All of the potential investors only donate a small amount of money to the fund.

Working The Marketing Budget, Make Best Of It

Marketing Budget

The marketing budget is great to have, but it is better if you know how to make the best of it. In this day and age, much of the marketing efforts anyone uses are taken to the Internet. That is great news because there is a lot you can do to preserve your budget so it lasts the entire year.

Determine Allocation Of Funds
Determine a budget to determine where to spend your money. Start out with a full budget dollar amount. Marketing is key especially as a

What Are Some Ideas For A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign?


Sharing has always been a quality that people have found virtuous and beneficial to those who are in need. However, with an unsettled economy, the Internet has become a portal for a collaborative of people to work together in a post-recession era. Businesses such as Uber and Airbnb have helped people become more self-sufficient economically by opening up their vehicles and homes to others.

When people join forces online, they are able to create sustainability socially, economically and environmentally. They can profit from these new ideas without expending too much energy, time or money.